Golden Tee Home Edition: Pants Optional
Take Advantage of Free Shipping on All Home Edition Purchases through the End of January

By now, you’ve settled in to 2013. You’re not happy about the weather and the short days, and your New Year’s Resolutions are dicey at best, but you’re comfortable in the New Year.

How would you like to get even cozier?

The Golden Tee Home Edition New Year’s SALE is here to help, and all home edition purchases made before the end of January will come to you with free shipping. Outside of Golden Tee, Silver Strike, PowerPutt, and Target Toss Pro home games are also available.

The same games you know and love from your favorite watering hole are available in an offline version perfect for any man cave. And in the world of Golden Tee, the term “offline” won’t apply much longer.

The Golden Tee Home Edition is going online in March of 2013, and all games purchased going forward will be fully equipped for when this time comes.

Track your stats using your own golfer, and give the 40 courses a test drive wearing nothing but, well, whatever you wear (or don’t wear) at home. That kind of freedom just doesn’t fly at bars. At least not all bars.

Translation: Pants Optional

We’re still ironing out the release date and other important details, but a new era is on the horizon.

Contact us for pricing options on the Golden Tee Home Edition as well as the other available games, and be sure to check out the Golden Tee Home Edition website for much more.

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