Jack Rabbit Demolition
Mark Stenmark Demonstrates the Ultimate Takedown of a Golden Tee 2013 Course

The term “Golden Tee Par” isn’t what you think.

Par, of course, is a term synonymous with only one hole of golf, but Golden Tee Par is a term that encompasses an entire round. In the circles of some of the nation’s best players, GT Par is the best score one can post on a course without holing out from the fairway or getting a hole-in-one.

Birdie every par-3 and every par-4, eagle every drivable par-4 and par-5 and you’re on your way to a perfect round. As difficult as this sounds—and for most of us, it’ll never happen—the best players in the world pull off such feats rather easily, and they take it one, two, three, four, or in this case FIVE steps further.

Enter: Houston native Mark Stenmark, a name that has become quite popular on the Golden Tee World Rankings leaderboard (you can find him at the top), and his recent round on Jack Rabbit Run.

Stenmark pulled off a -31 playing on the 2013 creation, and while the score tells a story it doesn’t tell the whole story.

11 eagles (including nine in a row), 3 holes-in-one, a double eagle, and only 41 strokes jump off the page, as does his 9,884 Golden Tee Points and 126,859 Great Shot Points in ONE GAME.

Unbelievable round by Mr. Stenmark, which can be seen in its hole-by-hole glory below. Congrats on the game, and something tells me this isn’t the last we’ve heard of him on

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