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Could This be the Golden Tee Shot of the Year?

We’ve seen a lot of wild shots in Golden Tee 2013, showcasing the creativity of both the players and the possibilities of the courses. And as good as some of these shots have been, I’m having a hard time tracking down a shot that compares to what we saw over the past weekend.

Although we’ve seen this shot from the bunker attempted on Hole 3 of Coconut Beach, I wasn’t sure we’d actually ever see it find the cup. Well, we got our answer in a big way.

Now, the camera work isn’t pristine here but you can get the picture. Tucked up against a stone wall in the sand, this player turned, fired it off the stone wall behind him, and pulled off an unbelievable double eagle.

There’s still time on the clock, but this could very well be your Shot of the Year. 

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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