Giving Thanks With a NEW Giveaway Code
We’re Kicking off the Holiday Season With a Present for Your Golfer

The holiday shopping season is here, and Golden Tee wants to give you some much needed relief in the form of a Giveaway Code.

While you cope with the malls, parking lots, and make a mad dash for your items of choice, here’s a gift from us to celebrate the beginning of a glorious time. Our present to you is, well, a present for your golfer. An actual present… for your virtual golfer’s head that should look awfully festive over the next month.

To obtain your new holiday headgear, enter the Giveaway Code simply by hitting the "Options" button at any point during a game on Golden Tee 2013. Highlight and select "Give Away Code,” and you’ll asked to be enter a code shortly after.

From there simply type in 2312252012 (The number twenty-three and then this year’s Christmas date) and you will receive the item! Throw it on and be sure to share your finest present-head YouTubes on the Golden Tee Facebook Page.

Enjoy the new item and have a wonderful, safe long weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving from Golden Tee.

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