CTTP Hits 100K
Amazing Numbers from Golden Tee’s All-or-Nothing Mode as We Reach an Impressive Milestone

Since launching in Golden Tee 2009, you guys have played A LOT of Closest-to-the-Pin LIVE. And I mean a lot.

Holes-in-one have been hit, virtual golf balls have been lost, and millions of dollars have been won. Yes, millions. With $50 up for grabs in each and every game, players have tested their luck for these ultimate top prizes 9 shots at a time.

And now, the 100,000th Closest-to-the-Pin Contest has been played. That’s right, 100k games of CTTP have closed.

Where does the time go?

To celebrate this milestone, we’re going over some of the CTTP milestones that have taken place in the first 100,000 games.

-There have been 497,136 Holes-In-One in the first 100,000 contests

-1.118% of all CTTP shots have resulted in a hole-in-one

-The closest a ball has ever gotten without going in the cup is 3.4 inches

-The ball has been hit onto the green with 46.05% of the shots in CTTP

-Average balls on green per game played is 4.12

-The average distance from pin when ball is on green is 20.56 feet

-Total distance from pin in feet: 5,392,791,490

-Total distance from pin in miles: 1,051,636    

-You could circle the earth 42 times with the leftover distances from the pin

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