Must-See Coconut Moments
Aces Are a Plenty on the Beach, and Here are Two of 2013’s Finest Efforts Thus Far

One thing has become very clear while sorting through a new batch of YouTubes for 2013. Coconut Beach is absolutely jam-packed with magnificent Golden Tee Greta Shot opportunities, and folks are taking advantage of these already.

We’ve seen that the 17th hole featured already on, although this latest effort might be the most impressive yet.

Why try and go through the green when you can just work your way around?

Outside of the hole 17, the other being aced at a tremendous rate is hole 9. We’ve seen this one holed the ol’ fashion way—hook, spin, and in—but we’re also seeing some creative efforts in large part because of the interesting surroundings.

Take this shot for example which will undoubtedly be featured on the game for a week. We have hook, spin, water, concrete, concrete again, and in.


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