Make a 2013 Tee Time
Just in Time for the Weekend – Find Out Where You Can Play GT 2013!

Have you given Golden Tee 2013 a spin yet? If not, it’s about time you do.

The latest and greatest virtual golfer has hit the streets, and we’ve already seen some fine YouTube efforts from golfers testing it out early.

With the weekend closing in, it’s time to setup your Tee time for the next few days and beyond.

The Find-a-Game feature on is updating constantly throughout the day. While thousands of games have already been updated, thousands more are expected to follow.

If you’re looking for the closest game, this is the spot you want to be.

Another spot you want to be is the Golden Tee Facebook Page, which has turned into the official Golden tee 2013 hangout. Ask questions, provide feedback and share your finest YouTube moments. If it’s good enough it could be featured in “Shots of the Week” on every Golden Tee 2013 cabinet!

Enjoy the game, hit ‘em straight, and stay tuned to for much more on Golden Tee 2013!

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