2013 Launch Week: From Our Building to Your Bar
Find a Game, Play, and Share! Here’s How!

The game has shipped, and now the fun is set to begin. The Golden Tee 2013 era is upon us.

It will take a good chuck of this week for cabinets to be updated, but here’s what you need to know. has undergone all 2013 changes and is now ready to be dissected. Along with these modifications, the Find-a-Game feature is up and running, ready to guide you to a 2013 game.


Find-a-Game is currently experiencing some techincal issues. If it doesn't work for you, be sure to phone your location to see if they have updated yet. We apologize for the trouble.

If you’re looking for the nearest 2013 location, this is the place you want to bookmark. This will update every hour, showing games and locations that have upgraded to 2013. You can search by city, state, zip and location, and be sure to be discreet about it so your boss doesn’t catch on.

If you’ve tracked down a game, be sure to share your locations on the Golden Tee Facebook Page and with Golden Tee on Twitter. Also, WE WANT TO SEE YOUR 2013 YOUTUBES. Share ‘em with us, and we’ll broadcast them all over the place.

It’s going to be a fantastic week, and we’ll provide plenty of updates through. Enjoy 2013 and tune in for it all.


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