Golden Tee 2013 Countdown: 2
Say Hello to Golden Tee 2013's Bounty Program

The word “bounty” has a much different feel these days, just ask the New Orleans Saints.

No, we don’t want you to dive at the outside of your buddy’s knees while he’s deep in thought over the Golden Tee machine. Seriously, please don’t do that (or at least don’t blame us if you do).

What we are doing to celebrate the launch of Golden Tee 2013, however, is putting a bounty on one hole on each of the 2013 courses. Oh, by the way, GOLDEN TEE 2013 SHIPS ON FRIDAY.

We’ll have more on this next week when games make their way to locations, but this gist of this fun little exercise is this: Be the first to hit a hole-in-one on one of these holes, upload it to YouTube and share it on the Golden Tee Facebook Page, and you will win a fresh Golden Tee 2013 marquee signed by course designer Jim Zielinski and a Golden Tee t-shirt.

You have five chances to do so, and the holes certainly range in difficulty. To qualify, you must be playing an online game (no casual tees) and you must do some weird bar celebration afterwards that scares nearby bar patrons.

OK, you don’t have to do the last part but it is encouraged.

As for the holes which we have placed a bounty on, here they are. More on this next week when the game launches, but please spend the next few moments mentally preparing for these designs and growling at your computer screen.

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