Golden Tee 2013 Countdown: 1
The Final Countdown – Only One Day Left Before 2013 Ships

One is an interesting number. After one, there is none. Zero is a number I suppose, but in this instance there is no zero. Zero is Ship Day.

Golden Tee 2013 ships in ONE day. It leaves our building tomorrow and will enter your building starting on Monday and the early part of next week. One day, that’s it. All the build-up, news stories, tweets, photos, videos and anxious hours drooling over the game are complete. Now you can drool on the game itself, but please, be sure to clean up after. It’s not good for the trackball.

One is also important in the world of Golden Tee and, well, golf in general. One is a number you want. One means you left the putter in the bag. One is what keeps the YouTube world alive and well.


Golden Tee 2013 ships in One day.

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