Turn-a-Round Ricochet
When Things Start to Get Away, This is All You Need

When you’re +7 after 6 holes, chances are things haven’t really gone your way up. Maybe it’s inexperience, maybe it’s bad luck, maybe, just maybe, it’s a bad trackball. OR… maybe it’s just a combination of lost balls, missed putts, ugly shots or a combination of them all.

Regardless, everyone needs a helpful boost in the right direction every once in a while, especially if things have been rough up until that point. That’s exactly what happened here.

Most of the time, any contact with a silo means immediate doom. Not here, though. Not on this round, in this wind, on this day. We can only assume that this jump-started things and he was able to put together his finest round yet.

Yes, we’ll leave our assumptions at that.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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