Coming Monday: Classic Course of the Week
A Summer Celebration – Eight Weeks of Vintage Golden Tee Competition

As we gear up for 2013, there’s no better time to look back and play some of Golden Tee LIVE’s all-time greatest courses. Although these courses are not new, they might be to a lot of you.

For eight weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to see how you match up against some of Jim Zielinski’s masterful 18-hole creations and put your throwback skills up against the rest of the virtual-golfing planet. The Golden Tee LIVE Classic Course of the Week launches on Monday, July 30th and will look somewhat familiar to the Golden Tee World Rankings Leaderboard that will remain up and running.

Play the classic course featured for that week once (an online, 18-hole game) and you’ll automatically be included on the leaderboard. Play as much as you’d like during that week – each will run from Monday morning through Sunday evening – to improve your score. 

A new course will be featured every Monday, the leaderboard will reset, and your best score will be ranked against other best scores from around the globe.

Although this is all mainly for trackball bragging rights and seeing how your classic game stacks up, we’re also using Golden Tees (you know, the ones you hit off of) as prizes throughout this two-month stretch. The top 200 finishers for a given week will automatically have these tees deposited in their Player Account.

The Golden Tees payouts are as follows:

1st – 250

2nd – 150

3rd – 100

4th – 75

5th – 50

6th-20th – 30

20th-50th – 20

50th-100th – 15

100th-200th – 10

Eight weeks, eight different challenges and an entertaining way to bridge the gap until 2013 – plus, you can win tees just for giving the vintage looks a spin. Check back every Monday to see which course is being highlighted for that week, and then play it on either Stats or Glory mode.

The first course to be featured will be none other than the magnificent Heather Pointe. Be here on Monday for the debut of the leaderboard, and also be sure to check out some of the vintage walkthrough for a refresher on how to play the course!

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