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Power Events Has the Finest Matches From Missouri Up on Their Website!

Power Events’ Windy City Open is now just a few weeks away, and the PEGT Tour will once again be showing off some of the savvy technology that they’ve been building over the past few years. has become the online home to this traveling GT Tour, and the site has gotten some significant upgrades since the circuit launched. The biggest and coolest upgrade, however, came when Power Events started streaming live matches at Missouri Open last month. Simply put, this changed the dynamic of the tournament – at least for those unable to make the trip – for good.

It didn’t just stop at the streaming, however. Power Events is also archiving these games on each tournament page, and you’ll now be able to watch these crucial games whenever you please.

Looking for some help on a specific course or hole? See what matches Power Events has on tap on the tournament page. This does much more than provide a video recap. It’s also a useful tool for those that might be in need of a trackball boost.

Check out some of the best matches from the Missouri Open here. All games with video will have the green video bubble located directly to the right. Trust us; it’s worth your time. (These guys are pretty good after all).

Also, be sure to check out the Windy City Open on May 31st through June 3rd at the House Pub in St. Charles. For more info on the event, which you do not want to miss, check out our tournament announcement story.

We hope to see you all there!

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