Design-a-Hole 2013: Here Come the Finals
The Judges Have Had Their Say, Now It’s Your Turn

I never thought I’d have the privilege of sitting in on a very important Golden Tee meeting, but then again I never thought I’d be writing about Golden Tee shots that bounce off an umbrella, either.

The Design-a-Hole finalist meeting is one that always has a special spot on our calendars in GT land, and on Tuesday the prestigious Golden Tee judges looked through more than 100 new DAH submissions.

Each design was analyzed and dissected to determine which would fit best in Golden Tee 2013, and the group spent hours narrowing the list down from well over one hundred to ten. The decisions were difficult, as they always are, but on Monday, April 23rd we will begin showcasing the ten DAH 2013 finalists on and the GT Facebook Page.

Each design will receive its own day in the spotlight. We will randomly select which entry is shown on a particular day and will then allow you to provide comments and feedback on each. Your thoughts are now crucial at this part of the contest, and the GT judges will look for your help in deciding which design is eventually crowned champion.

Constructive criticism is important, as are your thoughts on why you you think a particular design belongs in the game. The next two-plus weeks will be geared towards evaluating those that made it this far, and a champion will be crowned in the month of May.

The fun has just begun, and now we need your help. Tune in on Monday to see the first Design-a-Hole finalist!

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