This Moment in Resourceful Putting History
Stuck in a Bind on the Tundra Peak 15th? Here’s a Short Game Trick Worth Trying

There are times when our Golden Tee creativity can be pushed to the brink.

Although these situations usually arise when you’re standing over a tee shot or have an iron in your hand, sometimes one must learn to think outside the box even on the greens.

Putting doesn’t quite get the props it so rightfully deserves, but a good putt should be celebrated accordingly. And this putt on the Tundra Peak 15th certainly would fall in this category.

Although the edge of a mountain stood in the way of his path to the cup, that didn’t stop Dancin’ Jim from getting to the bottom of it regardless. Sometimes, the mountain can be your best friend. Also, extreme bonus points for hitting this putt while wearing the April Fool's donkey head.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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