Here it Comes!
Everything You Need to Know About PowerPutt LIVE with Shipping Underway!

The games are lined up and the doors are open. The time has come.

PowerPutt LIVE is now shipping, which means the game should be popping up at bars and locations near you over the next few weeks! What do you need to know before you play out the world’s finest online mini-golf game?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

First and foremost is tracking down a game to play. The Find-a-Game feature on LIVEWIRE will let you know when a location in your area has gotten the game. Be sure to bookmark this spot and check it every day to see where a game might’ve popped up. Locations should begin popping up throughout the next few weeks as more games leave the building.

Next up is the trailer. If you haven’t seen the game just yet, have no fear. We’ve got you covered. The trailer will showcase some of the major features that are new to LIVE.

The Daily Contests aren't up and running just yet, because there won’t be enough games to fill these tourneys right off the bat. This should give you ample time to perfect your putt-putt skills while other games circulate around the US.

As soon as we know when these contests will go live, we’ll be sure to update you with a proper time and date.

What else is newsworthy with PowerPutt LIVE? Here are some of the items that have been posted here over the past few months.


Your New Stats Hub is Here

Have It Your Way

Good as New

PowerPutt LIVE In Action: Part 2

PowerPutt LIVE In Action: Part 1

Introducing: Big Foot Bend

Introducing: Roadside 66

Introducing: King Putt's Tomb

Oh The Places You'll Go

Be sure to stay glued to the Find-a-Game app as well as for much more on PowerPutt LIVE. You can also post your known PowerPutt LIVE locations on the PP Facebook Page to share the wealth!

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