Introducing: Design-a-Hole 2013
Draw up Your Dream Golden Tee Design and have a Chance at Winning Your OWN Game!

Creating the perfect Golden Tee hole isn’t an exact science. In fact, the ideal virtual design is a matter of preference. From a classic look with some fascinating wrinkles, to the bold and bizarre to the ultimate risk versus reward masterpiece, there are countless ways to both entertain and challenge in the form of par-3s, 4s and 5s.

Jim Zielinski, Golden Tee’s co-creator and course designer, has done just that over the past 23 years. In this time he’s created nearly 2,000 golf holes over various platforms and across unique locations such as Central Park, the Amazon and, most recently, to the top of Mount Everest just to name a few. There are four holes situated in Golden Tee, however, that didn’t originate from the great Golden Tee architect.

These four designs came from fans of the game, just like you. These fans had an idea, a vision of what they’d like to see in their favorite game. They put this vision down on paper and it caught the eyes of those that create the game. Only six months later, this vision transformed into a living piece of Golden Tee history played by millions of players around the world.

This is the Design-a-Hole contest, and in 2013 the stakes have never been higher.

What’s at Stake?

The 2013 Design-a-Hole winner will receive Golden Tee immortality. His hole design will immediately go from drawing, sketch, video, etc. to the desk of course designer Jim Zielinski. This hole will then be transformed and featured on one of the five courses in Golden Tee 2013. Although this is an enormous honor, it gets better.

The 2013 Design-a-Hole champion will also receive a 2013 Golden Tee Home Edition! Now you can play your winning design, on your very own game, under your very own roof!

““With a Golden Tee game up for grabs, we’re confident that we’ll tap into new heights of creativity. We expect the designs to be the wildest, the wackiest and the most ingenious ever. Who wouldn’t want a game for their house?”

The Golden Tee Home Edition isn’t the only prize being added into the contest, as all finalists will now walkaway with at least a $50 Golden Tee Gift Card. The runner up will receive a $500 PGA tour-quality Golden Tee Golf custom golf bag courtesy of Club Glove and a $100 Golden Tee Gift Card. Third place will walk home with a $100 Golden Tee Gift Card, and the remaining finalists will each get a $50 GT Gift Card.

How Do I Enter?

Anyone can be a part of the 2013 Design-a-Hole Contest, and there’s no limit on how many designs you can submit. To join in, here’s what you should do.

Design any par-3, par-4, or par-5. You can sketch it out, create a video, draw it up on a cocktail napkin, steal your son’s colored pencils, and do anything that you feel will help actively portray your creation in the best way possible. We’ve seen ransom notes, judged dioramas, viewed short films; the more creative your submission, the better.

With that being said, make sure your hole makes "Golden Tee" sense. A 900-yard par-5 played at the bottom of the ocean will certainly separate you from the rest of the submissions, but it won’t get you a spot in the finals. Think about distances, obstacles and the nuances that will not only make your hole great, but also possible.

Have you submitted a design in the past that you’d like to include in the contest again? You are more than welcome to reevaluate these designs, make slight adjustments and submit them once again. In fact, we encourage you to do so. To be included in the 2013 contest, however, you must resubmit these designs to the address below.

Once your design is complete, you can email it to Please include your name, hometown, contact number, par of the hole and, of course, the name of your design.

Attachments will be accepted. Please use reasonable file sizes and common file types. If you’d like to mail a hardcopy of your design, you can do that as well.

c/o Incredible Technologies
3333 N. Kennicott Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Name, Hometown, Contact Number and Hole Name

The Road to the Finals

Once the submission period has come to a close, the Golden Tee team – led by course designer Jim Zielinski – will look at each design and pick out the deserving finalists. Last year there were 15 designs to be included in the finals. How many finalists will there be in 2013? It all depends on the designs.

Just like the 2012 DAH Contest, each design will then be revealed on the home page as well as the Golden Tee Facebook Page. Every finalist will get a day in the spotlight and at this point, your feedback will once again be crucial in the selection process.

Although the judges will have the final say on which design is eventually victorious, your likes, dislikes and general thoughts on how each design would translate in Golden Tee will be valued a great deal. Even if you didn’t submit a finalist, we certainly encourage you to participate.

Once all designs have been revealed, the feedback will be analyzed and we'll crown the 2013 Design-a-Hole champion.

NEW For 2013: The Power of Locations

For the first time in the history of the contest, we’re giving you two locales that will be featured in Golden Tee 2013. We won’t be specific, but you can use either of these as a guide if you’re looking for some design inspiration.

There will be an oceanside course and a desert course in GT 2013, which means you can choose to build your designs around these known spots. With that being said, you shouldn’t feel obligated to create a design that will fit in either of these, either.

There are still three different courses with unique environments, and unless your hole is set in cave (Note: Do not set your hole in a cave), your design should be able to conform to one of these spots. Have you been dreaming up the perfect drivable par-4 situated along a coast? Well, then you might just be in luck.

So What Are You Waiting For?

The submission portion of the 2013 Design-a-Hole Contest will be open from March 1st to April 1st. Get your dream golf hole in Golden Tee and WIN YOUR VERY OWN Golden Tee Home Edition game!

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