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PowerPutt’s Three Classic Courses are Revamped and Ready for LIVE

We’ve talked at length about the new courses in PowerPutt LIVE – you’ve even seen videos of them in action – but what about the three courses that came with the original game?

Freaky Tiki, Skull Island and Dusty Trail are back and better than ever. On top of getting a nice visual upgrade with the update, the courses will take on a new look and feel once you tackle them again.

First and foremost, you’ll now be able to track your stats on these original gems because the game is now online. You’re best scores, holes-in-one and finest moments will all be tracked, and you’ll be able to monitor your progress and personal bests online.

These courses will also be featured in the Daily Contests, which means your skills will be matched up against mini-golfers around the country. While this is no doubt welcome, it’s not the only difference when it comes to classic courses.

In fact, each of these creations will now be different every time you play them. New pin placements and tee boxes have been added, which means you’ll have to re-master if you did the first time around. The name of the original game was repetition; now each time through a particular course – even one you’ve played hundreds of times – will be a brand new experience.

Know EXACTLY where you played the bank shot on the 4th hole? You’ll have to revisit this strategy more times than not, which will add a ton of depth to the game. In terms of the local competition (aka, playing against your buddies on the same game), these additions will enhance the strategy involved in the game. Variety is certainly a welcomed change, and these courses will feature a lot of it.

We’ll have plenty more on these courses as well an new video from the game soon enough. Stay tuned to LIVEWIRE for more.

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