Using the Barn as a Backboard
2012 Gets Its First Official Shot of the Year Contender

Sticking the Dusty Bend 17th can be a challenge, especially with a wind blowing hard to the left.

To stick this one on tougher setups you need to put a ton of cut on the ball so your shot will hold the hard-slopping green and hope for the best. It’s not an easy shot, and you’ve undoubtedly dumped a handful of virtual balls into the hazard while trying to master this shot.

It would appear, however, that there is indeed another way to tackle this hole.

I suppose this shot should come with a massive disclaimer, because there’s a high probability that you won’t get this wonderful of a bounce off the barn and around the silo when you try it.

And our first Shot of the Year candidate for 2012 is born.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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