• On Deck: The Florida Open
    Although Golden Tee’s First 2012 Tourney Is Fast Approaching, There’s Still Time to Sign Up!
  • Ira Dean, Friend and Fan of Golden Tee
    The Creator of the Golden Tee Anthem Has a New Single That’s Worth a Listen
  • Last Call: Big Game Super Sale
    The Super Bowl Will Likely Disappoint, the Golden Tee Home Edition Will Not
  • This Moment in Yeti History
    Video Proof: Golden Tee’s Furry Friend is Indeed in Play and NOT HAPPY About it
  • Silver Strike LIVE Goes LIVE!
    The Online Home for the World’s Greatest Bowling Game Has Moved, Well, Sorta
  • Introducing: Roadside 66
    The Beauty of the Open Road! PowerPutt LIVE’s Second Course Revealed!
  • The Return of the TOC
    Club Lucky’s Monster Event Returns! All the Details You Need to Qualify For the October Tourney
  • Game On
    It’s Been a While, But Scott Hansgen Proves the 300 Club is Alive and Well
  • Barn Bounce 2.0
    There’s a New Dusty Bend Prop That Warrants Your Attention (Again)
  • Prodigy in the Making
    Graig Kinzler is Readying His Son to be the Next Great Golden Tee World Champion
  • Introducing: King Putt’s Tomb
    PowerPutt LIVE’s First Course is Revealed!
  • Problem Solver
    If You’ve Ever Been in a Bind on the Auburn 17th, Perhaps This Video Can Help
  • Sunshine and Golden Tee
    Power Events’ Florida Open is the February Tournament Worth Checking Out
  • Dynamic Duo
    Two Players, One Magnificent Score! The 30 Under Club Gets Two New Members For the Price of One!
  • Ricochet Showcase
    Hitting a Hard Surface in Golden Tee isn’t Always a Bad Thing, as Proven by These Two Shots
  • Who's On Top?
    We’re Only Halfway Through January, and the GT World Rankings Have Already Hit New Lows
  • Oh, The Places You’ll Go
    More Sights and Scenes From PowerPutt LIVE! Coming this Spring!
  • The 2012 Orlando Open
    GT’s Tournament Season is Around the Corner, and You Don’t Want to Miss the First Stop on the PEGT Tour
  • Taking Tiki by Storm
    Greg Davis Becomes the Fifteenth PowerPutter To Join the Exclusive 30 Under Club
  • Using the Barn as a Backboard
    2012 Gets Its First Official Shot of the Year Contender
  • Big Game Super Sale
    The Golden Tee Home Edition is on Sale, Just in Time For Your Super Bowl Party
  • Countin' Down 2011's Best
    The Finest YouTube Moments from the Past Year and the “Super” Shot on Top
  • Every Dog Has Its Day
    Golden Tee’s Latest Fan Does Indeed Have a Tail
  • Shot of the Year: Stay Tuned
    We’re Sorting Through Them All, and Soon One Shot Will Be Crowned as THE Shot of 2011
  • Dressed to Impress
    Make Sure to Bring in 2012 in Style! Here are Your GT New Year’s Giveaway Codes
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