Introducing Agave Ranch
Our First Golden Tee 2019 Course Logo and Location is Revealed!


Welcome to Golden Tee 2019 Course Logo Week™! By Friday, you will have seen all five new course logos in our upcoming 30th Anniversary Edition of Golden Tee AND read about a) where the course is located and b) some of the unique identifiers that make this course special.

Next week, we’ll take it one step further and show you the first screens shots. But for now, enjoy our first taste of 2019 and intel on where you’ll be teeing off come September. 


As the sun deliberately dips beyond the horizon, Agave Ranch comes to life. The lights above turn on as the temperatures dip, putting a spotlight on this 18-hole course smack-dab in Scottsdale, Arizona. But the desert has company. Amid the cacti, dust and occasional body of water, players will be surrounded by stands and even a stadium to celebrate competitive golf in a way Golden Tee has never known. And the illuminated sunset, when day and night meet, might just be the greatest backdrop the game has ever known.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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