Introducing Catedrais Beach
In Golden Tee 2019, an Oceanside Course is Being Canyon-ified

Welcome to Golden Tee 2019 Course Logo Week™! By Friday, you will have seen all five new course logos in our upcoming 30th Anniversary Edition of Golden Tee AND read about a) where the course is located and b) some of the unique identifiers that make this course special.

Next week, we’ll take it one step further and show you the first screens shots. But for now, enjoy our first taste of 2019 and intel on where you’ll be teeing off come September.


On the coast of Ribadeo, Spain sits an Oceanside course far different from most—a place of gorgeous blue water, endless sun and soaring, overpowering rock walls. Catedrais Beach, which stands for the Beach of Cathedrals, is what happens when a canyon and tropical course come together to form one. Shot shaping and tee placement are key as you navigate jagged cliffs that seem to extend forever, all while trying to avoid the ocean and small ponds at all costs. Sundrenched and full of intrigue, Catedrais allows golfers to follow their own path. Which way will you choose?

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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