The Worlds field is complete!
With exception to our 64th qualifier to-be-determined in Vegas, the World Championship field is complete!

The Orleans Hotel & Casino

After an exciting Sunday afternoon event by Gametime Amusements, our third and final LIVE event qualifier has been determined.  Dentist Seth Harris from Fort Worth, Texas was able to beat Paul Lehde in a best of five series to win the Spring Fling and get the 63rd World Championship qualifying spot!

With Harris' victory, our field is 98% complete for the 10th Golden Tee World Championship.  If you haven't heard us screaming it from the rooftops already, the 64th and final qualifying spot is up for grabs on Friday, June 8th, LIVE from the World Championship at The Orleans Hotel & Casino!

If you haven't made your plans to be in Vegas on June 8-10, now is the time to do so!  We are less than a month away from the World Championship and this is shaping up to be the biggest World Championship yet!

Here are your qualifiers for the 2018 Golden Tee World Championship:

  1. Adam Harris
  2. Adrian Westergren
  3. Al Zerull
  4. Andy Fox
  5. Andy Haas
  6. Anthony Dakis
  7. Brian Bernhardt
  8. Brian Olde
  9. Brian Wall
  10. Chad Hart
  11. Chris Brewer
  12. Chris Thorbrogger
  13. Clint Grover
  14. Daniel Freeman
  15. Danny Beall
  16. David Duncan
  17. David Key
  18. Dustin Reed
  19. Edward Godfrey
  20. Evan Gossett
  21. Gary Sheldon
  22. Gavin Herrin
  23. George Von Koschembahr
  24. Graig Kinzler
  25. James Bradwell (CA)
  26. Jared Decker
  27. Jason Loschaivo
  28. Jeff Harlow
  29. Jeff Lannen
  30. Jeff McClellan
  31. Jeff Sutyak
  32. Jim Klomparens
  33. Joe Massara
  34. John Jansa
  35. Johnny Daher
  36. Justin Lindsay
  37. Ken Calus
  38. Kevin O'Connor
  39. Lance Harris
  40. Luke Nelson
  41. Marc Muklewicz
  42. Mark Stenmark
  43. Matt Welter
  44. Michael Jaeger
  45. Mike Demko
  46. Mike Johnston
  47. Mike Sirois
  48. Oliver Ayala
  49. Paul Luna
  50. Paul Tayloe
  51. Robert Brown
  52. Ryan Sparks
  53. Ryan Torkelson
  54. Scott Kocol
  55. Sean Gervais
  56. Seth Harris
  57. Seth Standefer
  58. Sonny Stevenson
  59. Steve Beattie
  60. Steve Dakin
  61. Todd Penticoff
  62. Tony Johnson
  63. Will Sandstad
  64. ??? - Closest to the Pin LIVE event winner

Whether you are qualified or not, whether you are a new player or a seasoned vet, we hope to see you all at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on June 8-10!

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