Wisconsin Open 2024: Recap
Congratulations to our winners!

This past weekend, the Golden Tee community joined for yet another National Golden Tee Tour tournament by Power Events. Hundreds of Golden Tee players went to the Sussex Bowl in Wisconsin to compete in nail-biting rounds of GT until a champion reigned supreme on Sunday evening.

Saturday, the qualifying rounds were underway, where players were challenged against one another to see who would make it to the main bracket finals on Sunday.

Starting at 11 am on Sunday, the main bracket began, competing for a prize pool of over $11,000 on the line and the competition was getting fierce.

Into the latter half of the day, the players remaining were Sean Gervais, Paul Tayloe, Andy Haas, and Brian Bernhardt.

Gervais beat Paul Tayloe to remain undefeated and took his place as the King of the Hill, meaning whoever came back from the loser's side of the bracket who have to take Gervais down twice to take the Wisconsin Open title.

Haas took down Bernhardt, with the loss securing himself a 4th place finish, while Haas lost to 2023 GT World Champion Paul Tayloe to earn a 3rd place finish.

The final match was now down to Sean and Paul. A tie after 18 holes of South Pacific in the first match brought these two titans to sudden death where Sean sealed the victory with a Hole-In-One on hole 2, the par 3, taking the match and the title of 2024 Wisconsin Open Champion!

The 2024 Wisconsin Open has come to a close and with that, we congratulate our top finalists and winners! 

Main bracket finalists from left to right:

Cassie & Stephen Hoehnen (Owners of Sussex Bowl)

Sean Gervais (1st place)

Paul Tayloe (2nd place)

Andy Haas (3rd place)

Brian Bernhardt (4th place)

Kevin Lindsay (IT)

Purple Bracket finalists, from left to right:

Kirk Stimpert (1st place)

Pete Schmidt (2nd place)

Pink Bracket finalists, from left to right:

Chris Bakke (1st place)

Dolan Cheatham (2nd place)

If you missed it, watch the Championship games here!

Thank you to all who participated and joined us for this tournament, see you in St. Louis!

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