New Clubs Coming to Build-a-Bag
BRAND NEW clubs are coming to PGA TOUR & LIVE!

For the first time in five years, brand new clubs are making their way to Golden Tee. 

More than 25 new clubs will become available for Build-a-Bags in the Golden Tee PGA TOUR & LIVE 2023-2024 updates, offering new distance and spin options, along with an intriguing new driver, affording players renewed creativity in shaping their shots.

“It is amazing to see how our players can customize their equipment to maximize their efficiency across our wide variety of golf courses,” Adam Kramer, President of Incredible Technologies’ Amusement Division said. “We want to provide more ways and freedom to the players who chose to customize their experiences to this level.”

In the modern "gentlemen's game", distance has become a fixture across all levels of play. As technology has improved, the gear in a player's bag has certainly evolved in stride.

Now, the Golden Tee bag is following suit. New irons and wedges have all been added to the mix, providing subtle yet meaningful changes for players interested in tweaking elements of their game. 

Distance and loft across these new clubs have been adjusted, allowing player to explore new flights and trajectories, with standard and plus spin options available across the board. 

A 7-degree driver, the lowest loft ever created for GT, aligns with golf’s swing speed movement, giving players an option that could prove useful on certain shots. 

“We are very excited to see how this club can be incorporated into player’s bags and on certain holes,” Kramer added. “It reacts and plays unlike anything we’ve ever released.”

The new clubs will become available in the Golden Tee PGA TOUR Caddy and original Golden Tee Caddy as part of the 2023-2024 update, and many will be featured in the three new club sets coming to the Golden Tee PGA TOUR platform!

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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