GTM Events of the Week (10/10/2022)
Another week, another group of Events!

It's the start of a new week! You know what that means? An all new list of GTM Events to save the dates for! Prize pools and fees are up in your Events section, so make sure to check them out!

Starting the week off strong with Monday Mix-Up! California's own beautiful Pine Coast will be the course mixed up Today! All 9-holes of the course, but not in the way we know it. Think you won't get mixed up? Let's find out!

As a mid-week pick me up, we have our 18-hole daily contest! All 18 holes of North Carolina's Cape Haven. An event that's a day's worth of GTM. Who could pass up that opportunity?

Finishing out this week's events strong with Freaky Friday! What are these 9 holes going to entail you may ask? Here's a hint: Wally World and the legendary, Paco! You'll have to wait and see what these holes have in store then!

Well, that's all from us this week! Stay tuned for next time where we will have a whole new itinerary worth of GTM Events! Happy golfing!


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