GT LIVE 2022 Find-a-Game
As GT LIVE 2022 updates hit the street, see if your favorite locations have already updated!

It's a typical yearly Christmas celebration for Golden Tee players, except now you get to celebrate twice!  We all celebrated a few weeks ago when Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2022 updates started hitting the streets and all this week will see thousands of Golden Tee LIVE games get updated to 2022 as well!

Find a game near you and see if your favorite establishment has the updated courses!  You will see the above green GT (LIVE) 2022 marquee or a grey and green GT PGA TOUR 2022 logo and marquee!

Four brand new Jim-Z courses will be available at launch, with more time-released content coming over the next 10 months than ever before.  You can read more about that here: Time-released content schedule.

As thousands of Golden Tee LIVE cabinets join Golden Tee PGA TOUR cabinets with the 2022 update, be sure to check out our Prize Play Transition Guide so you know when certain features and prize modes will move over to 2022 only!

New courses are HERE and ready for you to conquer

An example of an updated Golden Tee LIVE location marquee and map pin

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