2022 Content Release Schedule
Check of the content coming to GT LIVE & GT PGA TOUR 2022 post-release!

2022 Content Release Schedule

Between Golden Tee PGA TOUR and Golden Tee LIVE games, over 10,000 cabinets will have the Golden Tee 2022 update installed in June.  And even though the update is just coming out, the games are packed full of new content that's coming in the future.

Classic Course of the Week is now a permanent fixture on GT PGA TOUR and LIVE games, with a new 52-course schedule coming and it starts on May 31!

Our first course launch is happening on June 27!  The first course is Champ '99 , our GT 3D Golf remastered course, a rare course only played at the 1999 GT National Championship!

Between full course releases, some PGA TOUR exclusive courses and seasons and new tees (that are coming to both GT PGA TOUR 2022 and GT LIVE 2022), the rest of the year and the beginning of 2023 is loaded with Golden Tee goodies (and more!).

Click the image below to get a full-sized look at the packed calendar!

Content Release Schedule

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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