Introducing Events Mode
We have a new playground in Golden Tee 2019 and we want you join us!

Events mode debuts in GT 2019

Have you ever played a game of GT with your buddies and wondered what it would be like if the winds were completely calm throughout an entire game of Golden Tee? Have you ever thought about how fun it would be - or what you might shoot - from the Casual tee boxes with your specialty clubs, balls and tees?  Or, maybe $10 isn't a big enough prize for you to play a regular 18 hole prize play game and you want to play for more. Or maybe less. Or maybe you want to play for prizes using your handicap. Or maybe, just maybe, you want to see what a game of Golden Tee would be like with just three clubs in your bag.

(No, really. We will get there.)

Welcome to Events Mode.  Call it a playground, call it a sandbox, call it whatever you want, but we're taking chances with this new form of prize play mode in GT 2019 and we know that you're going to love it. 

Oh, and our Golden Tee World Championship Online Qualifiers will take place right here. More on that in a bit.

We want to see what you want to play, and this ambitious 2019 mode will take a variety of factors that include wind, tee boxes, entry fee and more to change the way Golden Tee is played. We're turning knobs that we've never turned before to offer different types of prize play contests that YOU, the player, have never experienced before.

Maybe we will offer 20 man prize play mode with a $2 entry fee for a chance to win bigger prizes.  Maybe we will give you the opportunity to shoot low scores when we turn on casual tee boxes to be used with your custom clubs and balls!  We even have the ability to control the speed of the wind!  Never experienced 19 MPH winds before?  Guess what, now you might!

The fact is that in GT 2019, we're doing weekly and daily events that are going to be worth big prizes. These events can be played on a 2019 course or maybe we will create a custom course, ala Freaky Friday. 

There will be two different types of structured events: a week where you can repeat unique conditions in a more traditional Prize Play format (think Classic Course of the Week or 50-man Prize Play but on steroids). We will also have week-long events with MASSIVE prizes that will allow you seven days to post a single score, five scores or 10 scores. (Think Daily Contest but over the course of the week, also on steroids).

We cannot wait to show you what we've been up to, and our first Event will kick off in November. Have questions? We bet you will. Much, much more to come on the new Prize Play mode that will change the game forever.

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