Golden Tee on ESPN8: The Ocho
The 2019 World Championship makes its debut on ESPN2 at 2pm on Wed. August 7th!

Golden Tee on ESPN!

A few months ago we shared the exciting news that the 2019 Golden Tee World Championship would be making its way to ESPN this summer and now we have the official details!

On Wednesday, August 7th, The Deuce (ESPN2) becomes The Ocho (ESPN8) and Golden Tee makes its debut at 2PM EDT.

The 30-minute show will highlight some of the most exciting and hard-hitting moments from the 2019 World Championship, including the nail-biting final matches between Mark Stenmark and newcomer Jared Decker!

Make your plans now, because you won't want to miss when ESPN2 becomes ESPN8: The Ocho and Golden Tee takes center stage!

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