The Joys Ahead
Jim Zielinski Spills the Beans on the Exciting New Additions Coming in Golden tee 2018

In time, you will see it all. The videos, images and news all tied to Golden Tee 2018—the latest and greatest in the game you adore. But as we gather up our assets for a tremendous push, you can now hear a great deal of what is to come in the next update.

At the Golden Tee World Championship last month, Golden Tee co-creator and course designer Jim Zielinski spilled the beans. He talked about the new course locations—one of which is unlike anything the game has seen in nearly 30 years. He talked about the fact that there will be seven courses this year rather than five. He talked about the Caddy and changes to Invitationals and so much more.

And you can year everything that was said below in a video that was produced by our friends at Golden Tee TV. Want a taste of what’s to come in Golden Tee 2018? Want a comprehensive breakdown of where the game is heading?

This is your chance to hear just that as we gear up for months of fun prior to the launch.


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