Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 8: Deep Cuts
This Par-5 Will Test Your Game in Ways it Hasn't Been Before; That is For Certain

In a few short days, you will have seen the entire Design-a-Hole finalist field. But until then, there is work to do,.

One of the 10 designs that will be showcased over the course of 10 days—Monday thru Friday over the next two weeks—will become a playable hole in Golden Tee 2018. This winner will also receive their very own Golden Tee Home Edition and the opportunity to design their own Freaky Friday course. The stakes are high for those still left, and now they (well, we) need your help. We want you to post your feedback on all finalists on the Golden Tee Facebook and Twitter pages.

What do you like about a design? What do you love? What would you do differently? While course designer Jim Zielinski will ultimately have the final say, we will take all feedback and use it in one final judges meeting to determine a top three and eventually a winner.

Here is Deep Cuts (Par-5) from AJ Menotti. Click each image below to enlarge and be sure to read the full description below.

Deep Cuts is a Par 5 with two shortcuts nestled in small open areas Deep in the trees.

Route “A” requires a precise ~260 yd tee drive curved around trees to a small opening near the water for a long-but-straightish approach (~290-310 yds) to the green and a chance at eagle.

Route “B” requires a long C-3 drive around more trees (and perhaps a high tee) to reach another opening near the water. The approach shot will be shorter (~240 yds), but will likely require a shaped shot to reach the green.

Route “C” is the long way around, requiring two long and well-placed shots to set up a short-iron approach to the green and an easier birdie opportunity.

Route “D” is the safest route, avoiding all hazards until being faced with a long approach to the green (200+ yards).

The green has a “figure 8 shape”, surrounded by water with only a bunker as a place to miss without getting wet.  To celebrate the spirit of Golden Tee 2018, the green-side bunker and green subtly form the number “18”.

Thanks for the consideration!

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