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You Have Until April 14 to Send Us Your Design-a-Hole Submissions

You have three weeks to make Golden Tee history.

Three weeks to go from super fan to proud Golden Tee programmer. Three weeks to have your say on a contest that will reward a spot in the game and also your own Golden Tee Home Edition. Three weeks to design your dream holes and submit them to and potentially change your relationship with your favorite game forever.

The 2017 Design-a-Hole Contest has a simple premise: create your dream par-3, par-4 or par-5, submit it and you have a chance at trackball immortality. Use crayons or a computer or a cocktail napkin to draw it up. Describe it in a page or a few sentences, whatever you feel is necessary. Name it, this part is critical, and send it to us.

At that point, you’ve given yourself a chance. Submit as many times as you please to give yourself multiple chances. Come April 14, the day our submission period will close, our prestigious DAH judges will look at all our submitted designs.

We will then narrow a group down to 10 before presenting them to the Golden Tee world on social media. Once we get all feedback, our judges will decide a winner.

That winner will watch their hole transform into a playable design in Golden Tee 2018. That winner will win their own Golden Tee Home Edition—a $4,000 value. That winner will design their own 18-hole Freaky Friday course to be played by the masses on the Daily Contest. That winner will watch their Golden Tee lives change forever.

But for any of the above to be possible, you have to give yourself a chance. Submit your designs now to before April 14.

You can do this. And to help you do this, here are some helpful designing tips. Godspeed! Visit for a full breakdown of the rules.


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