New Shirts Available at the GT Pro Shop!
Wear Your Golden Tee Mentality on Your Sleeve

Two near shirts are available in the all-new Golden Tee Pro Shop, and we’re by no means stopping there.

Oh, and for those new to this new swag home, welcome.

In an effort to dramatically the amount of clothing options available, we’ve created a store that we hope to update regularly—weekly and monthly to start—that will hit on a variety of topics and fun Golden Tee items near and dear to our hearts.

The two new shirts within our Trackball Warrior collection can be found at the very top of the page. Look for at least one (or more) new shirts to debut next week, as we continue to add to this new clothing arsenal.

Bookmark the new GT Pro Shop and be sure to come back regularly. Seriously, you're going to love what we're doing and what we have in store. (Also, you should really go buy stuff, because it’s all pretty awesome in our completely unbiased opinion.)


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