Emojis in Golden Tee
Welcome to a Weird, Important and Super Impactful #fashionFRIDAY

I'll be honest. I never expected, in my more than eight years at IT, that I would write this story. I am super happy that I am, though.

For those of you who operate in emojis—expressing yourself with strange, colorful and descriptive faces—the following bit of information will be important.

Emjois are coming to Golden Tee 2017. Why? Why not? Better yet, why haven’t they been there all along? Why don’t we walk around wearing emojis to begin with? So many questions.

Anyway, a handful of fantastic emojis will now be available in Golden Tee 2017. You can unlock them in the GT Caddy, wear them whenever and showcase your emotion on your sleeve.

Depending on what kind of player you are, this might be a really fitting look for you moving forward.

Or maybe you’re in the mood that calls for this…

Or maybe you want to have a good laugh at your playing partner or your own game…

This is all very important, as you can see.

There are more, too.

And moving forward, we will likely add new emojis to the mix. Look for them on your Golden Tee 2017 cabinets and your GT Caddy app very, very soon.


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