The Full, Final Lineup
A Look at All 10 Design-a-Hole Finalists Before We Narrow it Down Yet Again

Our 10 Design-a-Hole finalists have been revealed, one after the next, which means you have the full picture of this year’s contest. And although you’ve seen them all—well, hopefully—there is still much work to be done.

We need a winner. More specifically, we need to determine which design will transform from concept to playable creation in Golden Tee 2017. This person, of course, will also win their very own Golden Tee Home Edition. So yeah, we’ve got major tasks ahead.

The schedule for the rest of the week is as follows. Today we want YOU to provide us with as much feedback as possible. What design did you like best? How about a runner-up? Why do you believe a certain creation would fit best?

The judges have gone back and looked at all 10, although they want to hear your thoughts one last time. On Wednesday, we will narrow our 10 finalists down to three. Then on Friday we will announce our winner.

If you are one of the finalists mentioned below, be sure to be on the lookout for an email from us in the next few days. If you are simply hoping to have your say in the contest, now is the time.

Once more, here are our 10 Design-a-Hole Contest finalists. Be sure to check back on Wednesday to see the top three and Friday to see our winner.

Here they are…

Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 10: Slippery Slopes (Par-5) by Rich Wiess

Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 9: Rock Shrimp's Bend (Par-4) by JD Long

Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 8: Up the Waterfall (Par-5) by Josh Sokol

Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 7: Boulder Canyon (Par-4) by Brian Hill

Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 6: Tiers for Fear It (Par-5) by Jason Thomason

Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 5: Two Rivers Run Through It (Par-4) by Mark McGrath

Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 4: Lone Tree Hill (Par-5) by Dave Rhoades

Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 3: The Knee (Par-5) by Dan Croutch

Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 2: Bumper's Run (Par-5) by JD Long

Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 1: Blooming Bluffs (Par-5), by Jamie Boehm


So... what do you think? Join the conversation on the Golden Tee Facebook Page to let us know!


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