Time for a Vacation
The Daily Contest Throwback Thursday is LIVE on Coconut Beach!

Coconut Beach is open for business, no matter what the pesky car thermometer says inside your car, grab a towel, a suit (optional) and bring your golf clubs. That’s where we’re headed for today’s Daily Contest Throwback Thursday.

It’s the tropics with a punch. You probably remember Hole 18—along with many others—quite well. I’m not sure that “fondly” is the appropriate term, but you certainly know it.

Today and today alone you can take a trip back in time to the beach—playing as many games as you please on the same conditions. Hone in on pins and winds; avoid the scenic blue water; master tricky looks if you can.

Just play the Daily and you can enjoy a welcomed changeup the routine. The top 400 will walk away victorious, per usual. Be sure to follow the leaderboard on and also the GT Caddy app.

Happy Throwback Thursday. Go enjoy a day at the beach. You earned it.


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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