Home Stretch Sale
Tick, Tock! The Golden Tee Home Edition is On Sale Until September 15!

You have until September 15—which is approaching quickly, mind you—to take advantage of the Golden Tee Home Edition Early Birdie Sale.

What are we offering, you ask? How does the Golden Tee 2016 update free of charge and free shipping sound?

That’s right. The moment the new course update is released, it will be sent to you. And before it is, we will send you your very own Golden Tee showpiece, handling the costs necessary to get it from our warehouse to your basement or man cave.

Included in Golden Tee 2016 will be 55 courses, online play, stat-tracking, high-performance equipment, the whole arsenal of wacky clothing, YouTube uploads, the all-new CTTP game mode and more. Play your friends, or participate in one of the exclusive GT Home Edition contests sponsored by Callaway.

Interested? Want to hear more? Visit for a full rundown of features and pricing options. Ready to order or have questions? Contact us and we’ll gladly answer any items you might have.

Bring 2016 to you. The sale lasts through September 15!


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