Course Caddies: Pearl Lagoon No. 2
Enjoy the Views on This Par-4... But Not Much

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Pearl Lagoon No. 2

What a gorgeous view. Nestled atop the tee at Pearl’s second hole, one thing is abundantly clear: The path down is a long one.

Elevation is the name of the game on Hole 2. As a result, distance control will be tested round to round, even though you’ll only battle small to moderate winds. The green is large, which means you’ll deal with pin positions of all varieties. Some will be almost smack-dab in the center, others will be in the back and some pins will be positioned on the edges of the green—tempting you to go right for it.

As important as distance control is on this elevated drivable par-4, spin control carries equal weight. Backspin here won’t just spin—it will absolutely rip. Bite will also have an exaggerated backup effect, although it will be far more reserved.

Your No. 1 goal here, as it is on most holes, is to end up with a manageable putt. That’s it.

It’s easy for this tee shot to get away from you. With such a long way down, the wind can do a number on your shot. A little miss can become a big miss, and a big miss can become a big problem. As a result, you should approach this shot with a fair amount of caution.

This is not the place to be aggressive—not this early on. Although you will be dealt a favorable wind every now and then, a friendly, small-breaking putt will work just fine.


What can make this hole even more challenging is the stagger. It’s rare that you’ll be pointing directly at the hole from the tee. Because of this, you’ll have to adjust to winds and directions on your own.

If you can do that, the eagle is yours.

It’s not the world’s most difficult hole, but Hole 2 isn’t exactly oozing with hole-in-one potential. They happen, certainly, although you shouldn’t be concerned with that. Hit the green, avoid the water and take your eagle. There is much work still to be done.

How do you play?

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