Hello, Heather Pointe
$500 Has Been Added to Today's Throwback Thursday!

Celebrate the start of the year’s most enjoyable golf tournament by heading to your local watering hole and enjoying a lil’ Throwback Thursday action on the Daily Contest.

And this isn’t just any Throwback Thursday. Although any visit to Heather Pointe—a 2005 gem—is a special one, it’s even more special with Callaway’s $500 added to the prize pool. The starting prize pool has been lifted from $1,100 to $1,600, and it will only grow from there.

Play as many games as you’d like on the same conditions, honing in on the conditions and pins in an effort to improve your score. The top 400 players will walk away winners, and you can track your progress on the Online Daily Contest Leaderboard along with the GT Caddy app.

It’s a great weekend for golf, and it’s a great day for Golden Tee. Thanks to Callaway for its involvement, and enjoy the splendors of Heather Pointe. 

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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