Course Caddies: Sparkling Waters No. 17
As We Near an End, We Have a Mighty Par-5 to Deal With

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Sparkling Waters No. 17

What a frustrating, beautiful hole. While searching for the appropriate words to describe Sparkling Waters 17, that’s what comes to mind first and foremost.

A par-5 with options, your trackball creativity will be tested here. And before we got any further, let’s outline a little strategy: Do what you feel comfortable with here.

Your desired path might be different than the one below—or your buddy’s—and that’s just fine. In fact, that’s what makes this hole great.

Tee box and wind. These two things will ultimately shape where you go off the tee. You have landing areas to the left and right, both of which are viable options. The box left obviously comes with more risk with water in play, although it also will provide a fabulous shot at the green with a straight or left to right wind.

The right landing area is a little harder to get to, although this will also provide a clearer shot than just about any other.

If you can get here with a fairway wood off the tee, do it. The risk is far less off the tee (no water), and the payoff could be huge.

In the instances where this is not an option, however, there is another way. In fact, you can more or less just hit the ball straight ahead—not too far, to keep the fairway woods in play—but right in front.

With a strong cross wind, as you’ll see below, your best, safest approach might be playing this one the ol’ fashion way.


Regardless of how you approach this hole—and again, there are choices—proceed with caution. There is water to worry about on both the tee shot and the approach, and the slope of the green makes this even more daunting.

Birdie here isn’t the worst thing. A water ball and you’re likely looking at par at the very best. With only one hole left to play, conserving strokes is vital. You want the eagle—of course you do—but you want to avoid the blowup more. You’ve come to far.

How do you play?

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