Course Caddies: Sparkling Waters No. 15
One of the Tougher Par-5s in 2015, Explained

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Sparkling Waters No. 15

This one that will require two quality shots. In fact, it's going to take two quality shots and perhaps (some might even say likely) a quality putt on top of it. Welcome to Hole 15 on Sparkling.

The overall shape and length of the hole is what makes this so challenging. The curved alleyway of trees provides little room for flexibility. The shape of the green (along with its overall size) also can make life tough on certain setups.

The separation of fairways and also change in elevation only adds to this difficult concoction. With the right tee box and cooperating wind, however, you should be able to get up and over to the next fairway with a C-3-type shot. (You might want to use a high tee in some situations just to be certain.)

From there, you’ll have a relatively short approach although it could be impacted by overhanging trees on the right. If that’s the case, you’ll have to maneuver accordingly, although the large green allows you some flexibility to do so.

Don’t go for the holeout; land the green, make your putt and move on.

In the instances where you can’t make it to the second fairway—and if you have any questions about it, don’t try it—then you’ll have to lay back. Finding the appropriate spot to lay back will take some practice, although you don’t want to be too close to the rock wall or too far down the fairway.

This is something that will take some getting used to, and once you’re there, it will also require a quality fairway wood to reach the green.

With a sand trap in front and trees on both sides, this might be one of the tougher shots you take all round. Much of this depends on the pin, although the difficulty, generally, will be high.

With the right pin, cut and spin, however, you can make it work. What a shot.


Now, you may not deliver the same screen-alerting holeout seen above (and you don’t have to do). Hitting the green in two and making the putt is a feat worth celebrating. That's an earned eagle.

How do you play?

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