Course Caddies: Sparkling Waters No. 16
No Need to Run; We'll Tame This "Blowup" Par-3

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Sparkling Waters No. 16

The dreaded “there goes my scorecard” par-3 indeed exists on Sparkling Waters, although it’s far tamer than usual. Don’t get me wrong; you can do heinous things to your round on Hole 16, although this isn’t the same sort of carnage-inducing design that you’ve seen at this point in past installments.

With that said, it’s a par-3 with multiple tee boxes, high winds, a sloped green and, of course, water. With all of these elements in play, the possibility to blowup is there. But there’s also a very real possibility to skate right past the various looks that you’ll encounter.

When coming from the side of the green, you’ll have to deal with lateral break. This, for many, will be the most difficult look of all, especially if there’s a strong wind pushing your ball toward the water.

If that’s the case—as it was in the video below—you may have to compensate by “cutting” into the wind. In the instance of a harsh right to left wind, you can actually cancel out that wind by pulling back left of B and hitting the ball straight.

How far to C you go will depend a lot on the wind and also your club (mainly the loft), although anything over 12 miles per hour will require a fair amount of trackball action.

Here’s what my pullback and push through looked like for a 13 mph wind going from right to left.

Spin will also be a must when coming at it from this angle. Bite and backspin are both options, and you’ll want to take the break of the green into consideration before you hit.

With the pullback above, here was the shot I took.

If you’re coming at this pin head on, the strategy changes. Managing spin will become more of a factor, although the overall shot difficulty will likely decrease a great deal.

In some looks, you might even have the opportunity to be aggressive.


What you cannot do, however, is over-cut your ball. This means that bite should always serve as your comfortable fallback. The slope of the green can send you moving in a hurry; adjust accordingly.

Play safe, play smart and adjust to the various paths and you should have no blowups here.

How do you play?

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