Course Caddies: Desert Valley No. 15
We've Got Work to Do on this Late Par-3

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Desert Valley No. 15

This hole can reach out and bite you. It provides no warning that it will, so allow us to serve as its vocal disclaimer.

Hole 15 on Desert Valley isn’t that soul-crushing, end-of-round par-3 that you’re accustomed to, although it does its part in manically laughing at your scorecard if you aren’t careful.

You essentially have three different holes in one design. The green has three different sectors, each with various pin placements scattered throughout. It will also vary greatly in distance with different tee boxes and deliver different winds, many of which can be diabolical.

Oh, and there’s water. That part is important. Miss right of the green—or even long or short—and you’re probably taking a drop. The place to miss here is always right, and that will never change regardless of pin placement.

Although your shot (and club) will change with various setups, the overall strategy should remain the same: Hit the green.

Use the appropriate spin, backspin or bite, and leave yourself with a manageable birdie putt. This is not the place to be a hero, even when the pin is more centrally located.

When the pin is tucked in the front or back part of the green, you have more options. You also have a greater chance to implode. The back pin, in particular, can be difficult. Do whatever you can to leave a reasonable putt. You may have to combat extremely difficult winds in order to get close, which should again be tackled with the utmost caution.

What a thing of beauty, though.


We don’t endorse pars here. Scratch that. We rarely endorse pars here.

Obviously birdie is the goal, and you shouldn’t have issues walking away with one on many setups. But settling for par on evil looks isn’t the worst thing. Trust me on that.

How do you play?

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