Pick a Costume, Any Costume
Halloween is Nearly Upon Us; And We're Celebrating With Giveaway Items

Finding the right Halloween costume can be challenging. Thankfully, after years of Giveaway Code trick or treating, you know have options in the world of Golden Tee. Just in time for the big day.

Put on a pumpkin head, play as Frankenstein or try out the all-new mask; GT’s Halloween Giveaway Code lineup is plenty deep and different.

To unlock any of the items below, simply hit the Options button at any point during a LIVE game. Highlight and select “Giveaway Code,” and you’ll be prompted to enter a code. Here are all the available Halloween items for your pleasure.


-Put on our latest and greatest beauty face. We’re celebrating Halloween this year by honoring our favorite murky water monster.

Enter 37B0002015 to unlock.


-Embrace your inner (and outer) Frankenstein! It’s the most fashionable headwear imaginable.

Make it come alive by entering 30B0002013.


-The perfect item for the neighborhood party. Toss on this tiki mask and embrace this authentic look.

Add it to your closet by putting in 18B0000002


-And finally, unlock and entire outfit. The showstopper, of course, is the pumpkin head, although the spider web shirt and the Halloween-centric pants are a must.

Enter this code three times to unlock the entire outfit: 04B0000000


Whatever hat, head, mask or clothing item you decide to wear, we hope you enjoy your loaded costume closet.

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