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Four Holes-in-One in 12 Holes; A Wild Golden Tee Scorecard

A round of Golden Tee—just 18 holes—can be broken up into many different chapters. You’re well aware of this by now, and you’re also familiar with the highs and lows that can breakup these moments in a single game.

But Chris Care’s round on Turtle Island was something different. It was unthinkable good with some rough patches sprinkled here and there. The good, however, was GOOD, AND the final score of 20 under tells a story. It doesn’t tell the whole story, though.

Not after the Washington native nailed four (!!!!!) holes-in-one in the first 12 holes, including three on the front nine.

Two holes-in-one? Sure, it happens. Maybe you’ve even done it. Three? Well, now we’re getting a bit more elaborate. Four? Well, wait, what?

Of course, there’s no shame in finishing with a -20. It’s a fantastic score for 18 holes, a threshold most players would love to meet. And yet, given the circumstances, you can’t help but wonder “what if.”

“Apparently I was a little more excited about breaking 100k than shooting a good score,” Care said.

Regardless, four holes-in-one is an achievement. So is 100k in Great Shots Points. And yes, so is the -20. Combine these things and this chapter-rich round of Golden Tee, and you have one heck of a story.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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