Announcing Golden Tee 2014 Ship Day
How Close Are You to Playing the Latest Version of GT? VERY Close

It’s our favorite day of the year, one where the warehouse is overrun with boxes being sent to destinations unknown. For fans of the world’s greatest bar golf game, Golden Tee Ship Day recreates that Christmas morning excitement that has been long gone.

If this seems dramatic, well, of course it’s dramatic. It’s Golden Tee Ship Day.

Golden Tee 2014’s Ship Day has now been determined, which means you need to plan your calendar accordingly.

September 23 is the day.

Assuming all goes well the next few weeks—and there’s no reason to assume otherwise—the latest update of GT will begin exiting our warehouse on this Monday. Over the course of that week, games across the country will be updated, and the five new courses, along with the exciting new additions, will be all yours.

We still have much to discuss with GT 2014—and we’ll get to all of that before Ship Day arrives—but excited.

Golden Tee 2014 is coming. September 23 is the day.


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