Heating Up
The Silver Strike World Rankings Keep Getting Better

As the temperature rises, the scores on the Silver Strike World Rankings are following right along.

Since the online feature launch a few months back, the scores have gradually improved from month to month. This culminated in a ridiculous June, where a 10-game average score of 285.70 took home top honors.

Second place was 285.20—so close, and a narrow gap indicative of some of the ridiculous bowling taking place.

With plenty of time left in July, these incredible numbers could be toppled yet again. A 270-average has already been hit by multiple players, and the race for the top spot is on.

Play ten online games on a Silver Strike LIVE cabinet and you’ll have a leaderboard rank. Improve your scores and your overall average (and rank) will increase. The leaderboard will update daily, and a bad game won’t hurt you once you’ve met the minimum criteria. At the end of the month the leaderboard will be cleared and you’ll get a clean slate to try and beat your previous bests.

If you haven’t gotten in on the action yet, now is the time. Get your name in the bright lights for the month of July and beyond.

For more on the World Rankings, check out the online leaderboard.

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