Sneak Peek at GT 2014: Part Two
More Images From Golden Tee 2014? Oh, Yes Please

Interested in seeing more screenshots from Golden Tee 2014? I’m sorry, that’s a rather ridiculous question to be asking. Of course you are.

After revealing the first images from the new installment on Monday, the week of 2014 continues with another look at one of the creations in the making. No names, no locations, no information—not yet, not now—just a handful of images from each Golden Tee 2014 course to get your virtual golfing blood flowing.

So here it is, a look at the second course in GT 2014. Enjoy.

(click to enlarge)

Two down, Three to go. Stay tuned to this week to see the full lineup of Golden Tee 2014 courses.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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