Putt For Dough
Tired of Only Seeing Amazing Holes-in-One? If So, You’ll Enjoy This

I’ll be honest; I have been patiently waiting for a putt to surface that warranted consideration for our Shots of the Week.

Some people root for world peace, others for impressive virtual golfing moments.

After months and months of waiting, it would seem that a putt perhaps warranting a spot in the game (and on our website, of course) has surfaced. Now, there are no guarantees that this will make it onto the game—we still have a full week of shots to survey—but I’d say the chances are pretty good.

The green on the No. 17 at Cape Haven can be a toughie and ending up on the wrong side of the pin can result in having to lay-up your putt for par. Or, ending up in this position can provide an opportunity to do something special, just like this player did when tasked with a right-seven putt from long (and I mean long) distance.

To come up with a putt that can be considered to be on the game you need to a) hit a pretty bad tee shot because no one likes short putts, b) be creative in your attempt and c) drain it, which is clearly most important.

Check, check, check.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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